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Belle Vue Finish On Top

In the televised Elite League meeting on Monday night Belle Vue beat Poole 48-45, with Joe scoring 7+1 (3, T, 1*, 3). This secures first place in the League table for the Manchester club giving them first choice of opponents in the PlayOffs.


Witches PlayOff Hopes Revived!

Joe continues his excellent form scoring 8+1 at Foxhall on Thursday as Ipswich demolished Sheffield 59-34 and 10+1 on Friday night when the Witches captured a vital four league point win over the Redcar Bears. He was also awarded 'Rider of the Night' by two of the three meeting sponsors (Doug Wade Insurance & Ipswich Sports Club) at the home meeting.


Belle Vue Still On Top

Joe scored a very impressive 12+2 for Belle Vue as thy beat Coventry 59-34 on Friday night, including a paid second behind Craig Cook in heat fifteen, ahead of his Ipswich skipper Danny King.